The Lifting Communities Award recognises the impact of women, female led teams or projects, and majority female organisations who champion WiT’s core values (below) and whose innovations or transformative ideas challenge the status quo to drive meaningful, lasting positive change to advance, connect and empower people to flourish in their chosen community

Examples of your contribution and impact may include:

  • Breaking down barriers for Queenslanders in need so they can access vital community services that enhance their health and wellbeing by utilising technological advances to improve inclusion, accessibility or affordability.
  • Advocating for women in STEM with courage and respect to help create a more equitable future and encourage more women and girls to consider participating in STEM careers or fields of study.
  • Increasing the social wellbeing of vulnerable, disadvantaged or marginalised Queenslanders by enhancing connection and their sense of belonging in local communities.
  • Protecting and enhancing the cultural, societal, environmental or economic wellbeing of Queensland’s Indigenous communities.

You can choose to enter this category as an individual or enter your female-led/majority-female team, project, start-up or small business. Entry is FREE.

Details on eligibility criteria and how to enter is outlined below ⬇️

All Award entries must be submitted online via Judgify. Create your free account to start your application

Download a copy of the Award Application Assessment Criteria for the Lifting Communities Award

Entries for the 2023 WiT Awards close on 30 June 2023.

Experience the ripple effects of the WiT Awards

Entering the 2023 Women in Technology (WiT) Queensland Awards is an opportunity to receive industry recognition for your impact as an advocate and role model for women and girls in STEM, and the positive impact your transformative ideas, innovations and solutions have on benefiting Queenslanders, enhancing local communities, strengthening Queensland businesses & industries, protecting our natural world and creating a more sustainable Queensland.

Entering the Awards can support you, your team, and your business to:

Strengthen your reach and impact

Gain widespread recognition as a leading industry expert, thought leader, change-maker, disruptor or innovator advocating for tangible, meaningful positive change to empower your chosen community to flourish – now and into the future.

Expand your network

Connect with industry leaders, key decision makers and specialists in your field and across Queensland’s STEM community to help you form valuable connections, collaborations or partnerships that may open up new possibilities or funding opportunities to drive growth or enhance support for your cause, research, innovation, initiative or transformative ideas to further increase your impact.

Unlock your potential

The process of applying to enter the WiT Awards is a valuable opportunity for you, your team or your business to reflect on the impact of your achievements, contributions and milestones reached to date.  It’s also an opportunity to celebrate how far you’ve come and set new goals or aspirations to work towards that empower you to strengthen  your impact in a relevant and meaningful way.

How do I enter ? 

  1. Read the eligibility criteria (below) to see if you are eligible to enter and determine if this category is best suited for you, your team or your business.
  2. Download a copy of the Award Application Assessment Criteria for the Lifting Communities Award
  3. Visit the 2023 WiT Awards Judgify website to create your free account and commence your Award application.
  4. Submit your Award Application and supporting documents online via Judgify by 30 June 2023.

As part of your award application, you’ll need to provide:

  • A 1-2 min video introducing yourself or your team/business and showcasing what you do. View tips for creating your video
  • Written summary or elevator pitch to support your video
  • Written responses outlining how you demonstrate the principles behind each of WiT’s core values to drive meaningful, lasting positive change to advance, connect and empower people in your chosen community and advocate for women in STEM with courage and respect
  • References to support your application
  • Linkedin Profile OR Summary CV
  • Relevant Social Media links for yourself or your business

Download a copy of the Award Application Assessment Criteria for the Lifting Communities Award

Who is eligible to apply?

This category is open to individuals who identify as female, female-led or majority female teams or projects and majority female organisations who significantly contribute to Queensland’s STEM landscape and maybe operating in the following fields.

(Please note: this is not an exhaustive list).

  • Aged Care, Community Care, Retirement Living
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (creating or expanding opportunities for women and/or girls)
  • Contributing to protecting and enhancing the cultural, societal or economic wellbeing of Indigenous communities
  • Volunteering, Advocacy, Community and Not For Profit

All entrants must either be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to be eligible to enter.

Start-ups, Businesses and Corporate, Government or Not-for-Profit Organisations who enter the Awards may have its head office outside of Queensland, but must be able to demonstrate a significant contribution to employment in Queensland STEM industries and servicing Queenslanders or Queensland communities with their technologically driven STEM based innovation, product, service, process, initiative or scientific research.

If an organisation is entering one (or more) of the categories listed below then they must have greater than 50% female* representation within their organisation.

  • Inspiring excellence in research & education award
  • Future focused business achiever award
  • Lifting communities award
  • Consumer strength champion award
  • Excellence in industry leadership award
  • Public sector excellence award
  • Emerging tech star award
  • Rasing the regions award
  • First Nations Star award

In addition to criteria outlined above, entrants must demonstrate in their application that they also meet the specific assessment criteria of the Award Category(s) they are entering.

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