2023 Women in Technology Queensland Awards

The annual Women in Technology (WiT) Awards is Queensland’s longest-running Industry Awards which recognises and celebrates the extensive impact that passionate women from across STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) have on the world.

The WiT Awards recognises the incredible talents, outstanding achievements and the impact of every-day contributions made by change-making Queensland women in STEM who are creating or positively shaping technologically driven innovations, solutions, services, research advancements, educational or community initiatives across various industries to:

  • benefit Queenslanders;
  • enhance our communities;
  • strengthen local businesses and industries;
  • create a healthier, more sustainable Queensland OR
  • protect our natural world.

The outstanding contributions these passionate women make to their workplace, industry and wider community is also having a knock on effect to lift up and inspire their peers and the next generation of young minds – particularly women, girls and underrepresented groups within our society – to be the change and unlock the potential of STEM and create their own ripple effects towards a more equitable and thriving future for people and our planet.

Congratulations to our 2023 Winners and Finalists

This year’s Awards theme We are the Change spotlights the critical role that women across STEM are playing as they push boundaries, advocate for equity and lead both technological advances and societal improvements as individuals and as part of a wider collective – creating ripple effects across science and technology that flow into our communities. The significant contribution of these passionate women as innovators, changemakers, leaders and mentors is igniting inspiration among their peers and future generations.

At this year’s Awards, Women in Technology engaged visual storyteller Indi Tansey from Indi Dust to illustrate the powerful ripple effect of our collective intent and bring the WiT value and 2023 Awards theme, ‘We are the Change’ to life.

Starting with a blank butterfly canvas to symbolise transformative change, over the course of the Awards night, Indi transformed numerous conversations with Awards guests into hand sketched visual stories of what ‘we are the change’ means for Women in STEM disciplines. She spoke to a beautifully diverse mix of people at the awards, who opened their hearts and shared what drives them.

The canvas above captures the essence of what ‘We are the Change’ means to our community.

🦋 The stories of our 2023 winners are featured in the wings
🌊 The outer ripples are stories from Awards guests captured on the night

In 2023, we re-imagined the future of the WiT Awards to recognise the numerous ways in which passionate, change-making women in STEM disciplines are supported to challenge the status quo to advocate and empower women or girls in STEM and shape technologically driven innovations or transformative ideas that enhance the wellbeing of Queensland people, communities, industries and the natural world.

This year our Awards categories were open to female individuals as well as female-led or majority female teams, projects, start-ups or businesses driving positive change in their field of STEM for the benefit of Queenslanders.

The criteria of each Award category was also refreshed to align with the principles behind our 5 core values below.

Throwback to 2022: Celebrating 25 years of connection and community at the 2022 WiT Awards

The 2022 WiT Awards on Friday 16 September 2022 was a very special night for the Women in Technology (WiT) community. More than 900 curious, caring & creative human beings came together in person to celebrate inspiring women from across STEM and the champions of change who support them.

But this was more than just an awards night. It was a celebration of what it means to be human.

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