Women in Technology Queensland Awards | 2023 Awards Categories

For more than 25 years, Women in Technology (WiT) Queensland have recognised and celebrated outstanding women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines and the champions of change who support them. 

The 2023 WiT Awards provide a well-respected, highly visible platform for female individuals as well as women in female-led and majority-female teams/projects, start-ups and businesses to gain wide-spread recognition for the impact their

  • everyday contributions have on creating a more equitable future for women and girls in STEM,
  • transformative ideas and tech driven innovations, solutions or initiatives make to driving positive, meaningful change to benefit Queenslanders, enhance local communities, strengthen Queensland industries & businesses as well as creating a healthier, more sustainable Queensland and protecting our natural world.

Introducing our 2023 Finalists

These passionate, driven women are impacting change for the benefit of Queenslanders in a wide range of areas from creating local innovations hubs and community networks to empower more change-makers to transform their ideas into real-world ventures to leveraging digital solutions to support millions of Aussies enhance their brain health and harnessing traditional knowledge and cutting edge technologies to protect our oceans and the natural world – AND SO MUCH MORE!

2023 awards categories

Winners in each of the 10 Award categories below will be announced at the 2023 WiT Awards Gala Dinner celebrations in Brisbane on Friday 22 September 2023.

Employer of Change Award

Recognising start-ups, businesses, organisations or not-for-profits who are committed to empowering women in STEM disciplines to achieve excellence in their field by providing an inclusive working environment that embraces equal opportunity, innovation, diversity and flexibility to enable everyone the opportunity to participate equally and flourish in the workplace.

Consumer Strength Champion Award

Recognising the impact of women in STEM whose expertise, creativity and transformative ideas help shape innovations, products or processes that enhance the consumer experience and enrich the lives of Queenslanders or add value for customers or clients in a meaningful way.

Raising the Regions Award

Recognising the impact of women from across STEM who drive meaningful positive change to empower more people and businesses in rural and regional communities to thrive.

Lifting Communities Award

Recognising the impact of women from across STEM who challenge the status quo to drive meaningful, lasting positive change to advance, connect and empower people in their chosen community.

Emerging Tech Star Award

Recognising the impact of women from across STEM whose future-focused, innovative approach to harnessing technological advancements unlocks more opportunities for Queenslanders from all walks of life to thrive – now and into the future.

Future Focused Business Achiever Award

Recognising the impact of women from across STEM whose future-focused product, process or innovation is having on transforming the way we do business in way that helps strengthen industry, contributes to a thriving economy and benefits Queenslanders.

Excellence in Industry Leadership Award

Recognising the impact of industry thought leaders and influencers inspiring excellence in STEM by empowering leaders, change-makers and disruptors to challenge the status quo and create new creative processes, innovations or business models that drive growth and unlock new possibilities in their chosen field.

First Nations Change Maker Award

Recognising the impact of female role models from across STEM whose ideas, innovations or initiatives in drive meaningful positive change and whose outstanding contributions to their field have created positive ripple effects on lifting up Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander females and setting an inspiring example for them to participate in and achieve success in STEM disciplines.

Inspiring Excellence in Research & Education Award

Recognising the impact of women from across STEM on inspiring excellence in their chosen field and delivering high quality, innovative research and education that supports people, communities or the natural world to thrive.

Public Sector Excellence Award

Recognising the impact of women, female led teams or projects, and majority female departments in Queensland’s Public Sector whose STEM based innovation, product, service, process or initiative transforms the consumer experience in a way that benefits Queenslanders.

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