Vision and values

Our vision

Advance | Connect | Empower

Our purpose

Unlocking the potential of women in STEM

Our values

Community is at our heart.

  • We lift each other up – Incredible things happen when we support, guide and trust each other.
  • Stronger together – We leverage the power of our network to foster professional relationships and partnerships.
  • Inspiring excellence – We celebrate our success and achievements to inspire the next generation of leaders.
  • We are the change – We challenge the status quo by advocating for women in STEM with courage and respect.
  • Future focused – We embrace change and learning opportunities to advance the skills and careers of our community.

WiT’s strategy underwent a comprehensive review in 2020-2021 resulting in the adoption of a new Constitution. As part of that process, the WiT Values Project was launched to ensure that the principles driving our organisation resonate with members as strongly today as they did when WiT was founded more than two decades ago. The top 20 values identified by members and stakeholders were mapped to the five themes above, confirming our priorities and articulating them in a fresh and contemporary way.

Our mission

WiT is committed to:

  • Developing a strong and sustainable network for members and supporters with industry
  • Building mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with government, academia and industry
  • Advocating for our members on relevant issues to advance the presence and status of women in technology and life sciences
  • Providing development opportunities and adding value to our members

Diversity and inclusion

We value, encourage and appreciate the rich variety of experience, thought and perspective that come from a diverse and inclusive member community. We welcome all those who share our vision for a fair and equitable society, where everyone has the opportunity to participate and benefit in Australia’s growing digital economy. WiT represents members of all ages, cultural and religious backgrounds, gender or sexual orientation, particularly members from Indigenous or CALD backgrounds, and those with disability. Read our WiT Inclusion & Diversity Policy_2021.

Climate change

WiT is committed to a sustainable future and acknowledges that heating the world’s climate by continuing to release greenhouse gases into our air is putting this future at risk for all. In the national conversation about urgent action on climate change, we respectfully hear well-informed discussion of climate change science and policy. (WiT Board, 2021)


WiT takes your privacy seriously and is committed to protecting the personal information of all members, donors, supporters, sponsors, contractors, volunteers and staff. Read our WiT Privacy Policy 2024.

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