WiT Board Readiness™

“As a scientist I found the program an illuminating experience and felt that the curtain had been lifted on the secret world of boards. It gave me the confidence to know that I could actively and positively contribute to a board and make a difference to the organisation.”

The WiT Board Readiness™ Program is a short-term certificate course designed for female leaders from STEM industries to develop the skills, confidence and networks to take the next step to becoming a successful Board Director.

Why we need more women on Boards

In 2009, less than one in ten ASX 200 company Directors was female. Six years later, the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and the 30% Club Australia, set a voluntary target of 30% per cent  women on Boards. The latest statistics reveal that, as at February 2021, women occupied one-third ASX 200 Board seats but less in many other sectors. While the representation of women has continued to improve, AICD Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Angus Armour put it succinctly when he said, “Of course 30 per cent remains the floor and not the ceiling for gender diversity.”

There is plenty of research to show that diverse and equitable composition is critical to the effectiveness of Boards and the WiT Board Readiness™ Program aims to build the calibre and unlock the potential of women to take their seat at the table.

The unique Board Readiness™ approach

Although there are a number of programs for aspiring Board Directors, WiT’s program is unique offering a broad mix of professional advice, hands-on coaching and opportunities for networking in a safe and supportive environment. The program recognises the growing importance of technology expertise at Board level.

Participants are introduced to the skills required to become highly effective Board Directors and provided with the opportunity to showcase these skills to some of Queensland’s highest profile organisations. The program is designed for women in all STEM industries who have the desire to apply their personal and professional skills to becoming a successful Director.

This program offers a range of benefits including valuable networking, practical workshops, facts and knowledge about becoming a Director, guidance on how to build your personal brand via networking and social channels and how to position your executive profile as well as incorporating elements from other first-class programs with sessions presented by the AICD. The program culminates with an industry luncheon to introduce program graduates into the business community. The course runs in weekly two-hour evening sessions over eight weeks.

Program Objectives

  • Support participants in achieving the skill set required to become highly competent and capable Board Directors
  • Lessen the gender divide at Board level
  • Provide participants with an overview and stepping-stone approach to a board career
  • Market and promote the benefits of having Directors with technology skills on Boards
  • Effectively partner with other organisations involved in development of Board skills to develop a common goal of elevating women to high-level positions, especially Boards and enhancing their careers through access to resources and practical training
  • Achieve successful Board placements in private, public and not-for-profit sectors

What Board Readiness™ can do for you

  • Connect and grow within a supportive cohort who share your ambition to explore a stepping-stone into a board career
  • Focus on success factors pertaining to appointment of women on boards and the importance of technology skills at Board level
  • Develop and spotlight your professional executive profile with expert guidance and recognition of your unique skills, experience and ability
  • Level up your financial skills with tips and shortcuts for critically analysing financial statements
  • Get the latest industry advice in key sessions from the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)

Curious about the program? Read about WiT Board Director Indi Tansey’s experience as a participant.

2021 Applications are now closed. Please email secretariat@wit.org.au if you are interested in joining the program in 2022.