Create the career and life you’ve always dreamed of.

Acts of Confidence is an engaging, life changing virtual program that empowers you with the tools and information needed to create the career and life you’ve always dreamed of by deepening your awareness about how you think, act and make decisions.

Our good friends Kate Boorer & Fiona Pearman, authors of the book Core Confidence, are experts in working with women who struggle with self-doubt and confidence and are ready to take control of and get more out of their career and lives.

The Ten Building Blocks to Core Confidence published in their book serves as a reference guide for their practical, outcomes focused, ten-week online program.

How does the program work?

This 10-week transformational program has been especially designed for women who are ready for a change, ready to get more out of both their career and lives. You will learn how to create an amazing future full of possibilities!

We work together toward your customised plan: through weekly calls, journaling, activities and thoughtful action steps each week. Along with lots of safe and friendly encouragement along the way.

Each week kicks off with a video tutorial and worksheet that will build insight and drive behaviour change immediately. Weekly live group coaching calls are a vital part of the AOC program that gives you the opportunity to seek support and connect with peers & mentors. If you want to be held even more accountable, the team will match you with a buddy to share the experience and inspire you to think and act bigger.

This program supported by a private Facebook group where program participants can ask questions, post ideas and share how they are going with their Acts of Confidence and support each other together with hard copy resources that include a copy of the book Core Confidence & Workbook.

Time commitment needed

You get out what you put in.

As a rough guide, during each week of the live program you’ll need approximately 2 hours to watch and reflect on the weekly theme, attend the live Q&A sessions (45 mins each week) and have a video/phone conversation with your buddy (this element is optional).

If you want to go deeper into the week’s theme, bonus resources are provided for you to digest (completion of these is also optional).

You also have 12 months access to the Core Confidence Program App, resources and community – anytime, anywhere.

Your course includes:

  • Participation in the live 10-week program which includes weekly video tutorials, group coaching sessions, weekly buddy guidance, and more!
  • All learning resources and workbooks – including The Core Confidence Book and bonus trainings!
  • 12 months access to the Core Confidence Program App, resources and community – anytime, anywhere.
  • The opportunity to complete the 10 week live program a second time within the 12 month period to deepen your knowledge, enhance your capability and strengthen your confidence mindset even more!

You’ve got nothing to lose – you’re covered by the Core Confidence team’s 100% money back guarantee!

If you play 100%, show up for all the live sessions and participate fully and you don’t get the results, the Core Confidence team will give you your money back.

But it’s not just about what it will cost you to complete the Acts of Confidence Program – think about what not having the confidence you would like in your career and life is costing you right now?

  • financial freedom?
  • missed opportunities?
  • connections with people who could support your success?
  • your time and energy?
  • your health and wellbeing?
  • joy, happiness and a zest for life?

Start the new year with 100% unshakeable, unbreakable confidence.

Get ready to start building your confidence muscle and step into your career and life. Program dates and details will be released soon.