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Making peace with success

Bronwyn Venus reflects on her unconventional career journey into the world of science and shares how being involved with the Women in Technology Community and the recognition of her peers finally gave Bronwyn the confidence to acknowledge and build on her rapidly-growing list of achievements.

An inquisitive mind and sense of purpose

Chamindie Punyadeera is driven by a passion for science she says is a calling, not a career. But as a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) woman who migrated to Australia from South Africa, via the Netherlands, in 2008, she says it was incredibly tough to re-establish her career in a new country with no support network. When she was introduced to the Women in Technology community, it proved to be an inspiration for her career and led her to champion WiT's first program specifically designed for CALD women in STEM.

Delivering life-saving tech with style

Alex Sorina Moss is a former model and creative director who taught herself technology and drew on her expertise in fine art and design to create a prototype of an earpiece with an advanced micro-computer she invented that predicts both fatigue and heat stress – a potential life saver for astronauts and miners in high-heat and high-pressure environments. Read about Alex’s inspiring journey into a high-tech career and how winning a Women in Technology Award helped build her profile and credibility in Australia which in turn supported her efforts in helping grow Canaria Technologies from a 2-person founding team with a proof-of-concept for NASA to leading a 25-person team and a multi-million dollar business.

A woman of firsts

WiT Member Lynore  Close tells of her journey from working as a 25 year old farm hand in the Adelaide Hills to becoming the first female indigenous ICT trainee in South Australia and how's she's continuing to build thriving career in IT - from finding her tribe network of supportive leaders and entrepreneurs in the WiT Community to completing her Masters degree in 2022 and working as a Security Analyst for Flight Centre Travel Group.

Stepping up to lead with courage, passion and integrity

2016 WiT Board Readiness Graduate Lisa Devereaux shares her experiences of completing WiT's Board Readiness Program and how she's continued to apply the insights gained over the years. She also reflects on her Board Leadership career to date and shares why - as a leader and key decision-maker representing a community - it's so important to seek guidance from mentors and trusted support networks to navigate difficult decisions and guide you through challenging periods throughout your career.

Real Women, Unreal Stories: celebrating 25 years of Women in Technology

Award winning journalist and podcaster, Nance Haxton, celebrates the 25th anniversary of Australia's Women in Technology (WiT). The Real Women Unreal Stories podcast shares the inspiring stories of six women from the heart of the WiT community whose impact has created ripple effects felt across Australia’s digital world.

Celebrating 25 years of connection and community

The 2022 WiT Awards on Friday 16 September 2022 was a very special night for the Women in Technology (WiT) community. More than 900 curious, caring & creative human beings came together in person to celebrate inspiring women from across STEM and the champions of change who support them. But this was more than just an awards night. It was a celebration of what it means to be human.

Unlocking the confidence within

Completing WiT’s Mentoring program as mentee in 2021 was a major turning point in Tejaswini Joshi's career to date. That's why she's returned to the WiT Mentoring program again in 2022, but this time as a mentor. Read how WiT's Mentoring Program empowered TJ to re-discover the confidence and self-belief she always had within.

Young star's vision for gender equality in public spaces takes big leap forward

A young girl's vision to see more outstanding female role models honoured in public spaces has taken another step forward to becoming a reality, after Queensland Government announced they would provide $35,000 in funding to Women in Technology (WiT) to install a bronze statue of pioneering Australian geologist and astrobiologist Dr Abigail Allwood outside the Brisbane Planetarium.

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