Iyari Cevallos

Iyari Cevallos - Chair

Iyari has over 15 years of global experience managing unique and complex engagements in the resource, banking, telco, energy and tourism sectors. She has a proven record of delivery in operational performance, digital transformation change, governance and risk management in both the public and private sectors.

As a passionate leader in fast paced and evolving environments, she has been fundamental in influencing and leading positive change, contributing to a more equitable, just and sustainable society.

Iyari’s approach to personal growth and intellectual curiosity continues to drive her to seek out new challenges and ways of doing things differently. She is committed to the development of individuals, and frequently mentors and supports others to make an impact on culture within organisations.

Iyari is a regular speaker at corporate enterprise level conferences and is frequently called on as a lead facilitator for engagements aimed at blue sky thinking, strategy development, innovation or cross network industry think tanks.

Kelly Wilkes

Kelly Wilkes - Director

Kelly grew up in Perth, Western Australia and had the luxury of a free range childhood, moving to Sydney in her teenage years. Travelling extensively in her youth, she has had a wide variety of experiences, opportunities and setbacks. Kelly has spent the last 20 plus years working in a variety of IT and business roles ranging from Insurance and Banking to Government and Education, from global giants to a 3-person technology start-up. She has had many roles and worked in Australia, Sri Lanka, Africa, Europe and the US. Currently she is the COO of MOQdigital using what she has learnt from all these diverse roles to understand people and enable them to realise their full potential.


Above all else Kelly is the mother of two boys and wife to her amazing husband. She resides in Brisbane on small acreage with her family, chickens, and veggie patch.

Janet Hou

Janet Hou - Director

Janet was trained as a doctor in China and an epidemiologist in Australia. She is currently employed as an Associate Prof in Epidemiology at UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health.

Janet has been a passionate community volunteer, including Board Member of Queensland Chinese Associations of Scientists and Engineers Council (2006 -2016), Chair of Chinese Community Crime Prevention Consultative Committee in Queensland (2010-2014), and President of Queensland Chinese Forum (2010 – 2014).

Janet’s leadership roles include Director of international research development between institutions in Australia and Asia, Medical Affairs Director in a USA company, Project Manager in QLD Health DG’s Office, and Academic Dean in a private institute of higher education in NSW where Janet chaired the Academic Board.


Alison Stokes

Alison Stokes - Director

Alison Stokes is the CEO and Co-Founder of a health tech startup Beyond The Clinic – a technology solution revolutionising the way healthcare is provided to achieve better outcomes for both patients and providers.

With more than 15 years of experience in healthcare management, sales, marketing, business development and clinical practice, Alison has a well-rounded strategic understanding of clinical problems and the technical solutions required to drive efficiencies and improve patient care outcomes.

Driven by her entrepreneurial mindset and innate ability to challenge the status quo, Alison is fast becoming a trailblazer for female entrepreneurs in the health tech space. She is passionate about using technology to drive innovation in healthcare and empowering female success in the tech industry.

Bronwyn Venus

Bronwyn Venus - Director

Bronwyn was a senior researcher for more than 30 years with organisations including CSIRO, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and the University of Queensland. She is passionate about the agriculture and food industries, and now heads the partnerships and grants program for Sugar Research Australia (SRA).

Bronwyn brings industry and legislative knowledge and insight (particularly with relevance to the agriculture sector), along with an excellent working knowledge of the research and academia sectors. As the Head of Partnerships and Grants for SRA, Bronwyn’s focus is on identifying partnerships to support the delivery of SRA’s innovation and commercialisation agenda, building long-term, strategic partnerships aligned with the delivery of transdisciplinary systems and solutions to address industry priorities.

Developing and encouraging early to mid-career professionals is a passion of Bronwyn’s. As a WiT Non-Executive Board Director, Bronwyn hopes to contribute towards strengthening professional partnerships to inspire these future leaders.

Petriea Skitek

Petriea Skitek - Director

Petriea returned home to start a new initiative here in STEM in Australia from 20+ years in Japan where she had her own food, educational and consulting business supplying services to peak government bodies, leading international hotels, supermarket chains, marketing industries and independent schools both in Australia and Asian regions.

Petriea has a depth of experience on boards starting with the Australia-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Japan (ANZCCJ), the International Working Women’s Association (IWWA) and ending as a specialist in international policy and a planning consultant over 8 years for the World Association of Cooks Societies (WACS 63 member nations) and the Asia Continental Director (15 countries).

She is a leader and passionate advocate for girls and women in STEM, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Petriea is currently a volunteer member for Zonta International, Brisbane South, an organisation of professionals that empowers women through service and advocacy that aligns alongside UN women for strategy and delivery.

She is a proud mum of a teenage daughter, is a keen swimmer, enjoys cooking and river walks with her family.

Rowena Beckworth

Rowena Beckworth - Director

Rowena is a company director, business leader and management professional with diverse industry experience.  Her executive leadership appointments have included corporate strategy implementation, business services integration and Reconciliation Action Plan sponsorship. She has more than 20 years’ experience in leadership, project management and engineering roles spanning aerospace, defence and construction sectors. She has worked abroad as well as partnered with international teams.

Rowena is curious and optimistic about realising potential. She brings vision and clarity by focussing on strategic opportunities for organisational transformation and advancement, and creates momentum by equipping and empowering teams to succeed. She is also committed to championing and developing people by supporting them to grow confidence, perspective and networks in pursuit of their goals.

Throughout her career, Rowena has been a leader and advocate for advancing organisational commitment to diversity and inclusion through culture and systems that enable participation, parity and progression of people from diverse backgrounds and circumstances.

Rowena is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and hold a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering, as well as a number of other post grad qualifications.

Nadine Fiers

Nadine Fiers - Director

Nadine has over 10 years’ experience delivering best practice corporate governance. Cognisant of the role that corporate governance plays in shaping operational and strategic performance, Nadine is passionate about identifying opportunity and realising it for long-term sustainability and success.

Nadine has qualifications in corporate governance and law, and is currently the Assistant Company Secretary of an ASX listed top 150 enterprise software company. She is committed to empowering individuals to succeed and driving equality and inclusion

Kelly Addison

Kelly Addison - Director

Kelly is an experienced CPA with a passion for Innovation, Technology, Business Transformation and Customer centered design.

Kelly’s expertise is in legal, construction, property development, retail and franchise industries.