Our community

WiT members and supporters share a passion for science and technology and appreciate the unique challenges professional women face. Whether you are starting your career, mid-career and looking to advance, or in senior leadership, you will find your niche with us.

For more than 20 years – long before it was a hot topic on the political agenda – WiT has been helping thousands of Australian women to realise their ambitions, achieve their potential and gain the recognition they deserve.

Today our community is one of the biggest in Australia with the strength and commitment needed to drive change. More than 10,300 members and affiliates and over 64,500 supporters subscribe to our networks. They come from across the world of STEM – scientists, ICT specialists, engineers, researchers, academics, and women from legal, accounting, HR and marketing backgrounds, who have a special interest in the tech sector.

But it isn’t just women who join WiT. We also welcome many men – our champions of change – who understand that our society and economy is stronger when it can harness all of its talent. They stand with us in our quest to ensure fair recognition and opportunity for women and believe in the vision and values that inspire us.

WiT was founded in 1997 when a small group of Queensland women came together to share their aspirations and find understanding and solutions for the challenges they faced as women pioneers in technology. The grassroots network they established in 1997 has been the hallmark of WiT’s success and the organisation’s commitment to helping women help themselves and others, continues today.

As a not-for-profit enterprise, WiT is run entirely by volunteers with the backing of a small team of hardworking staff. The organisation is funded by member contributions with support from our partners and company members, including the Queensland Government, leading universities, major corporations and progressive small businesses.

We welcome everyone who supports our mission to advance, connect and empower women in technology, regardless of age, occupation, ethnicity or gender. Our goal is to help you all shine.

Members make our world go round. Get involved! Contact us.