WiT Mentoring Program

Throughout the course of our careers it is important to provide support others and seek the support we need to continuously grow and work towards our personal and professional goals.

Because the people, support systems and overall environment around us have an overwhelming impact on who we are. This is no different in our careers.

The Women in Technology (WiT) Mentoring Program was created to support STEM women in their ongoing journey towards professional and personal growth whilst establishing a strong community of support. 

In our everchanging environment, now more than ever presents an opportunity to navigate the present and explore new possibilities for the future – together.

The WiT Mentoring Program is a 12-week transformational learning and growth experience for both mentors and mentees alike. Participation in this program is open to both mentees and mentors.


Meet Your Facilitator

The WiT Mentoring Program is delivered and facilitated by:

Lauren Pollock

After stumbling through a business degree and reluctantly starting a law degree, Lauren finally found her feet in the world of creatives and chatterboxes, enthusiastically finishing a degree in Comms. Starting out in children’s television (Totally Wild, right!?) and then working alongside the amazing TEDx Brisbane team, Lauren discovered an appetite for sharing stories and ideas that excite and inspire.

Currently she spends her days splitting her time between projects as she gets her feet wet in the world of innovation and strategy to help change perspectives and deliver content that is both relevant and thought provoking, building a community of like-minded, inspired and passionate individuals.