WiT Mentoring Program

Throughout the course of our careers it is important to provide support others and seek the support we need to continuously grow and work towards our personal and professional goals.

Because the people, support systems and overall environment around us have an overwhelming impact on who we are. This is no different in our careers.

The Women in Technology (WiT) Mentoring Program was created to support STEM women in their ongoing journey towards professional and personal growth whilst establishing a strong community of support. 

In our everchanging environment, now more than ever presents an opportunity to navigate the present and explore new possibilities for the future – together.

The WiT Mentoring Program is an 8-week transformational learning and growth experience for both mentors and mentees alike. Participation in this program is open to both mentees and mentors.

Expressions of interest are now open for those who want to register their interest in becoming a mentee in 2023 


A personalised mentoring program that empowers mentors and mentors to flourish in their career and thrive in life

The WiT Mentoring program combines a structured course framework approach with the added flexibility to tailor your mentoring conversations to align with specific development goals or individual support needs.

The 8-week program provides a unique platform where both mentees and mentors benefit from engaging in stimulating discussion, exploring new ideas and sharing real-life insights and experiential learnings.

You will be part of a special ‘community of practice’ with access to inspiring and thought-provoking offline and online activities to support mentors and mentees to have meaningful conversations that build a positive and productive mentoring relationship.

Program Outline

So that you can make the most of the opportunities this program provides, the program kicks-off with a half-day foundational workshop in week 1 to help you understand how the program works, your role as a mentee or mentor and what’s expected of all participants. You must attend this workshop in order to be able to participate in the program. There are separate workshops for mentees and mentors.

Weeks 2–8 is where the fun begins

At the start of each week, you will receive a topic for the week via the WiT Mentoring Slack Channel, where you will find information, resources, and tasks to take to your one-on-one mentoring sessions.

In your mentoring sessions you may choose to focus on the theme for that week, or tailor conversations towards individual goals, support needs or issues that may have come up since you last connected (or a combination of the above!). Either way, this program is incredibly flexible and is designed so that you gain the most out of it – no matter what stage of your career you are in or what goals or outcomes you are seeking to achieve by participating in this program.

The WiT Mentoring Slack Channel is your opportunity to connect with your fellow STEM professionals throughout the program and chat about thought-provoking events you have recently attended or articles/research you’ve come across, inspiring people you have connected with, content for the week, or really anything that you think others would find interesting, relevant and meaningful to their careers (or life in general).

Halfway through the program, we will all gather for a coffee check in to share our experiences so far, and provide guidance, feedback and support to everyone involved.

And then, before you know it, it is Week 8, and we close with a collective breakfast to celebrate our successes and debrief on the entire experience.



Register your interest today!

If you need guidance or support navigating your career, we encourage you to apply as a mentee.

If you are ready to pay your knowledge and experience forward to help someone realise their potential, please email us to register your interest in joining as a mentor.

Meet Your Facilitator

The WiT Mentoring Program is delivered in partnership with international strategy and business design agency Business Models Inc. The program is facilitated by:

Lauren Pollock

Lauren is a communication specialist, with a strong emphasis on digital communication.  She has worked with large community organisations to promote their cause and maximise the impact they have on society.  ​Lauren is passionate about empowering women and helping them kick butt. Lauren has recently joined BMI from the YMCA (The Y).