Mentoring Program

WiT Mentoring is a personalised program to help you expand your career horizons and pursue your dreams. It combines a structured course framework with the flexibility of a personal growth plan where you set your own priorities and goals.

The 12-week program provides a unique platform where both mentees and mentors benefit from engaging in stimulating discussion, exploring new ideas and sharing real-life insights and experiential learnings.

You will be part of a special ‘community of practice’ with offline and online activities to assist you to explore your focus and direction with your mentor. This is a dynamic journey anchored to a selection of curated topics relevant to the growth-seeking professional. These topics are supported by human-centred tools and content drawn from global best practice and emerging thought leadership, inspiring and mobilising you to focus on areas for improvement and growth, with the support of your mentor.

Whether you are great at talking, but struggle with strategic conversation, or are a quiet, reserved individual who is trying to navigate a career change, the program will help you identify the challenges, opportunities, and motivations that are unique to you. Paired with a mentor that is best suited to journey alongside you, this program offers the opportunity to find clarity and pay attention to the things that matter to you, all the while building life-long connections.

Participation in this program is open to both mentees and mentors. If you need guidance or support navigating your career, we encourage you to apply as a mentee. If you are ready to pay your knowledge and experience forward, we highly encourage you to join as a mentor.

Program Outline

Week 1 kicks-off with two separate half-day workshops, to brief mentees and mentors about the expectations and role they play in the program. While mentees uncover what they wish to get out of the program, their visions and aspirations, mentors will work through their roles and responsibilities and be introduced to listening and questioning techniques that are crucial to being a stellar mentor.

Both groups will be guided through BMI’s Cover Story Canvas to understanding what they are hoping to get out of the program and find clarity in their thinking. During this time, our facilitators will be observing and pairing mentors and mentees to be announced a few days after the workshops based on the online questionnaire you will be asked to complete when you register.

Weeks 2–12 is where the fun begins. At the start of each week, you will receive a topic for the week via the WiT Mentoring Slack Channel, where you will find information, resources, and tasks to take to your one-on-one sessions with your mentor. Here you can chat with others about the events you have attended, people you have met, content for the week, or really anything that you think others would find interesting.

In your mentoring sessions you may choose to focus on the theme for that week, or something hyper-relevant that has come up at work that you want to address. Either way, this program is incredibly flexible and is designed so that you gain the most out of it, no matter what stage of career you are in. Halfway through this program, we will all gather for a coffee check in to share our experiences so far, and provide guidance, feedback and support to everyone involved.

And then, before you know it, it is Week 12 and we close with a collective breakfast to celebrate our successes and debrief on the entire experience.


WiT Mentoring is delivered in partnership with international strategy and business design agency Business Models Inc. The program is facilitated by:

Michael Eales, Managing Director and Strategy Designer

Michael is the Managing Director of Business Models Inc in Australia and New Zealand, an award-winning international business, design and innovation consultancy. As a design pioneer, Michael is focused on pushing the traditional boundaries of work. His work focuses on the tools of design to shape new skills and mindsets for navigating uncertainty. He supports people in organisations of all sizes and across all sectors to think better, communicate more effectively, and work faster – so that their strategic ambition can be recognised. Michael has been involved with the WiT Mentoring Program for a number of years through Business Models Inc, utilising his experience to support both mentees and mentors in achieving their ambitions.

Julia McNamara, Business Designer

Julia is an emerging strategy professional committed to creating innovative, collaborative and impactful solutions. With a background in Communications and Creative Intelligence, including experience spanning multiple sectors, she enjoys drawing out the connections within complex problems. In her work with Business Models Inc, Julia collaborates with organisations and individuals to realise their strategic ambitions. This has included working with the Women in Technology Mentoring Program throughout 2020, and she looks forward to once again supporting mentees and mentors on their journey in 2021.


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