Tips for filming your video

As part of your Award application to enter the 2023 WiT Awards, we’re asking all entrants to provide 1-2 min video introducing yourself or your team/business and showcasing what you do.

Now unlike the Oscars, your video won’t be assessed on your cinematography skills. Your video can be filmed on a smart phone or you could choose to record your video on your computer using software such as Zoom.

If you are filming your video on a phone, we suggest recording your video in landscape mode (horizontal).  We also recommend getting someone to help you with the filming if you can. If you have access to one, we also suggest using a tripod to keep your phone steady while filming.

Here’s a couple of other key considerations to keep in mind when filming your video

(this is not an exhaustive list of suggestions)

  • The most important consideration to keep in mind is to be yourself. Play to your strengths and embrace what makes you unique.  You are the expert in YOU.
  • Choose a quiet location with good natural lighting as distracting background noise or poor lighting can draw the viewer’s attention away from your message.
  • If you choose to film your video outside, choose a well lit spot where you are not directly facing the sun when looking into the camera. Keep in mind that background noise from people, wind or traffic can be picked up by your phone’s microphone during filming so choose a quiet location with minimal background noise.
  • Position the phone at eye level or slightly above so that your face is centred in the frame.
  • Be mindful of your tone of voice. Speak clearly and try your best not to rush through your words.
  • Have a few practice runs beforehand so you feel more comfortable and confident.
  • Use the in-built video editing app on your phone or computer to do a basic edit of your video to trim any unnecessary footage, remove any bloopers or add any text or graphics (eg your business logo).