Never too late for a new beginning

It is never too late to pursue your career dream – just ask tech entrepreneur Megan Avard, of Moreton Bay.

Megan won the 2019 WiT Sue Wickenden Entrepreneur of the Year Award for her work as Founder and CEO of the multi award-winning company, SurePact. The company develops enterprise software for contract risk profiling to improve construction project and procurement delivery.

Megan resigned her senior executive role and started the business in her late 40s despite being told that she would fail without a male co-founder.

“I had spent years witnessing millions of taxpayer dollars being squandered through the systematic failure of poorly managed infrastructure contracts,” she said. “I knew there was a clear gap in the market so I resigned my day job in local government in August 2017 and started a software company the following week.”

“I am not the usual startup demographic – I am breaking the mould and showing you don’t have to know how to code or be young and tech-centric to be a founder. You just need guts, gumption and a desire to learn.”

In its first 18 months, SurePact has made a significant impact and achieved award winning results. The company was announced the 2018 APAC Lendlease B2B Startup of the Year Winner; 2019 QLD AiiA Startup of the Year Winner and has been the recipient of back-to-back Ignite Ideas Grants.

@October 2019