During the course of our careers it is invaluable to create and grow great connections, provide and get support to achieve personal goals and share knowledge

This 12 week program is delivered in partnership with Business Models Inc an international strategy and business design agency helping organisations design better businesses.  They posses unique capabilities in designing and facilitating strategic conversations and emphasising ‘action orientation’.

We have developed canvases and tools that optimise workshop time and are helpful visual aids for participants.  The workshop content will rely on an extensive library of human-centred tools, approaches and methods developed over time.  Whether you are great at talking but resistant to writing, or a quiet communicator but brilliant ideator, we are able to employ the right workshop method to maximise the experience for you.

Creating a Community of Practice we will host mentors and mentees online and offline in a social environment to build a deeper ‘community of practice’.  We have developed structured activities to guide participants and build serendipity throughout.  We will also dive into the mental models including blockers and enablers.  We have developed structured activities to guide participants and build serendipity throughout Week 4-11 and the Mentee will be encouraged to upload a daily or weekly video for Mentor as part of their reflective practice.

A successful mentoring program is a two-way street that respects the time and value of a mentor, while ensuring alignment between the roles and responsibilities of both the mentor and mentee. This is a unique partnership built on trust and must ensure clear communication of expectations, objectives and time frames upfront.


WiT Mentoring Program

Join us and unlock, create and capture value and apply it to your life and career


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If you would like more information regarding becoming a Mentor please email us at secretariat@wit.org.au.


Michael Eales, Partner - is an experienced strategy designer with 15+ years experience applying strategic foresight and business model design at the front end of complex innovation projects.  Michael draws on a background in economics, information technology, banking, investment and insurance services.

As a strategy designer and Stanford Certified Project Manager, his interests in design & systems thinking have been applied to complex client projects in public policy, financial services, legal services, consumer goods, media, tourism, telecom, manufacturing, healthcare & education. He regularly works with venture-backed startups through leading accelerators and incubators.  Michael is a regular key note speaker on potential futures & has facilitated workshops & judged competitions at a number of institutions and organisations.

Program Outline

Week 1:

  • Half Day Workshop - Mentees - an introduction to the Program, what to expect and the role of the Mentee.  The workshop will also uncover what participants wish to get from the program, goals, vision and aspiration.  We will dive into the mental models including blockers and enablers and participants will each complete a Business Model You Canvas (to present to the mentor) to assist in preparing to meet their Mentor.
  • Half Day Workshop - Mentors - an introduction the Program, what to expect and the role of the Mentor. The workshop will also cover responsibilities and managing expectations as well as a deep dive into the mental models, including blockers and enablers.  Mentors will also be guided through listening and questioning techniques and will hear about the work the Mentees will be doing around Business Model You Canvas.  Mentors will develop goals for the Program and a game plan.

Matching is conducted by our facilitators from our pool of mentors based on answers to our online questionnaire.

Weeks 2–11:

  • Weekly communication - At the start of each week we will produce a WIT Monday Moment video to introduce the focus area for that week. The focus areas will align with the Business Model You canvas completed in the Mentee workshop.
  • Kickoff with the objective for both Mentee and Mentor to agree to a simple charter on their way of working for the next 8 weeks. They will then review the Business Model You canvas together during the week and establish their way of working.
  • A deep dive into unpacking and understanding how the Mentee creates value (how they help) for the world today and in their future, and who they seek to help (today and into the future).
  • Explore how they interact, how who they help knows them and how they deliver their value, and what they get for this.
  • Explore what they do. (WiT Midway check in)
  • Look at who they are and what they have.
  • Explore who helps them.
  • Look at what they give.
  • See a refined Business Model You canvas.

(During this time Mentees will be encouraged to upload daily or weekly (reflection) videos to their private Slack Group Channel with their Mentor)

Week 11-12:

  • Closing breakfast and debrief - To unpack and discuss mentor and mentee experiences.
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