Graduate Software Engineer/Developer - FULL TIME

29 Aug 2019 4:17 PM | Indi - Codebots Tansey

Join us in creating the next generation of code writing bots as we revolutionise the software development business.

As a graduate software engineer, you will actively participate in the technical exploration of model-based development. Everyday will be an opportunity to learn something new and interesting as you work with cutting edge technology created by our sibling company Codebots. Join us to automate the ordinary, and achieve extraordinary.

About Us
WorkingMouse is a software development house in Brisbane, Australia. We are currently seeking graduates with a passion for technology, interested in building their career in software and IT.

You will gain on-the-job experience across a range of languages and frameworks and have the opportunity for continuous learning through our research and development initiatives.

Our software development methodology is scrum-based with a lean flavour. We use build-measure learn cycles and encourage our team to approach their work with an entrepreneurial attitude.

We believe software is not just about punching out code, but deeply understanding the partners’ unique journeys, and helping them to achieve their goals. We have customers across a broad range of industries. 

We live by our four key values:
- Initiative, but not a lone wolf
- Urgency, but not rushed
- Fun, but not unprofessional
- Scientific, but not heartless

Key Role Responsibilities:
A successful candidate will be a quick learner and with an enthusiastic attitude. Day-to-day responsibilities may include:

  • Use your exceptional problem solving skills to overcome new challenges everyday
  • Take responsibility for policy compliance, test coverage and code reviews
  • Contribute to our shared knowledge base, and provide quality and value to the products you work on
  • Have exceptional time management skills, and be flexible and adaptable to change and unexpected priorities
  • Work both autonomously and collaboratively
  • Have good instincts, a strong understanding of user acceptance criteria and utilise the traceability matrix
  • Write, update and maintain code and templates
  • Actively participate in meetings to ensure estimations, elaborations and planning sessions are completed efficiently
  • Use our Way of Working as your guide, and embrace the tools, processes and patterns that ensure clear and consistent customer delivery and
  • Build trust relationships that promote customer confidence by proactively lowering risks through resolution of issues prior to a negative impact on a customer’s project or business.
Our culture

We promote a strong work/life balance at WorkingMouse. Our office is open plan, with both sitting and standing desks. Some key things to look forward to are:

  • Daily team meetings for ideation/teamwork
  • 20% of your working week allocated for Research & Development
  • Fresh fruit in the office weekly
  • Friday afternoon beers/ciders
  • Friday afternoon "Inspiration Jams" and training/development sessions
  • Friday afternoon team themed Spotify playlist.
  • Monthly social nights

To apply, please send your resume and work/code examples to

Applications close:   1st November 2019

You will be working with Java, Acceleo, Cucumber, any scripting language (i.e. Powershell, bash or python, etc), Eclipse, Selenium, Maven, Jenkins and SQL. Experience across the board is not necessary, you will learn on the job.

All candidates considered including international students.

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