A Memoir By WiT Founder Sonja Bernhardt OAM

How did Sonja Bernhardt, university dropout, single parent, sacked from a corporate role, manage to survive that and a series of health scares, to first create then grow and sell her software company, becoming a multi-millionaire? Follow Sonja’s sometimes quirky journey as an outspoken woman navigating the “bro” world of technology, through a wonderland of corporate and personal rabbit holes, networking and passion projects. Dodging (or climbing back out of) the pitfalls to build a value-adding technology platform, and coming out the other end realising her dream goals. While smashing a few nerd myths along the way.

Her story is a shining example of how grit, determination, resilience and persistence — mixed with an everlasting supply of optimism and a true love of life — conquers heart breaking failures and leads to soaring successes. Sonja’s tale spans Oceania, Asia, Europe, North and South America, as her life weaves through close encounters with world leaders, including a royal or two. And her pioneering efforts to attract and promote females into technology studies and careers is a constant thread.