Women In Technology Mentoring Program

During the course of our careers it is invaluable to create and grow great connections, provide and get support to achieve personal goals and share knowledge.

After much research WiT has developed a Mentoring Program that is easy and affordable to access but also condensed into a 12 week period to give Mentees access to quality Mentors and to explore a mentoring relationship within safe and manageable parameters.  The program also provides a manageable framework for time-poor Mentors who feel strongly about passing on their skills to others.

Our WiT Mentoring Program runs for a 12 week period, biannually and begins with an extensive workshop for Mentors and Mentees after which matches are made.  Connection is then made weekly for an 8 week period.  How you use this time is up to you, some meet for coffee and a chat, others communicate by phone, email or online.  There are checkpoints along the way and the program culminates in a closing breakfast debrief.  Attendance at the workshops are crucial for Mentors and Mentees to ensure that everyone is on the same page with respect to process and expectations.

Expectations matching

Matching is done openly by members of the WIT Mentor program committee, based on:

  • skills and experience of the mentor, as best matched to skills and experience being sought
  • perceived cultural/personality fit/motivation
  • seniority levels of mentor and mentee (ideally mentor is marginally senior to mentee)

Matching is an extremely challenging process.  We do the very best to make the best matches, based on the information provided in the application and direct experience.

It is not always possible to pair the mentee with a mentor with the ‘exact’ skills/experience desired, however experience has shown that the extensive mentor/mentee training provided by the program enables mentors to work very effectively with mentees, even when direct skills/experience are not a perfect match.  It should be noted, that often having a mentor with broader or differing skills, can facilitate a broader conversation, leading to greater authentic outcomes for the mentee.

It is crucial that if you are concerned in anyway with your relationship you should notify us immediately so we can source an alternative arrangement.


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If you are interested in becoming a Mentee please register your expression of interest here.


If you would like more information regarding becoming a Mentor please email us at secretariat@wit.org.au.


What's in it for me?

For mentors:

Improved management and communication skills, ongoing personal development, feeling valued and giving something back.

Mentor Guidelines

"Through my recent EMBA studies and career I've seen a lot of different approaches to leadership development.  I thought your session this morning was one of the best I've seen - a great mix of practical tips with substance behind, relevant for participants from all levels of experience, and lots of engagement within the constraints of a half-day.  Your modelling of a participative learning process really inspired me to work harder to develop my own skills, and maximise the mentoring opportunity."

- J Sheehy (2015 Mentor)

For mentees:

Improved self-esteem and confidence, increased motivation, broadened horizons and greater achievement.

Mentee Guidelines

My mentor helped me get a fresh perspective on my career and got me thinking more strategically about my future.

Her insights have been invaluable and I'm really excited about where my career is headed and what I have to offer!

- Lara Murray (2014 Mentee)
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