Mentoring Resources

The following tools are provided as a basis for successful participation in the Mentoring Program:

    Mentoring Guide - for Mentors
    Mentoring Guide - for Mentees
    Mentoring Agreement
    Wants and Needs Analysis
    Progress Review
    Providing Feedback

Also provided below are a number of additional tools that may be useful to both mentors and mentees depending on the goals of your relationship.

    Questioning Techniques
    Creating a Vision - Exercise in visualising the ideal job
    Professional Goal Setting - Exercise to establish realistic career goals
    Career Values - Exercise to understand your own values and how they relate to your professional environment
    Motivated Skills - Exercise to understand what motivates you at work
    Career Anchors - Exercise to understand what essential elements must be present in your ideal role
    Goal Evaluation - Exercise to assist in evaluating your progress against career goals.

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