Stepping Up, Starting Up, Stepping Back In or Stepping Out?

Are you at a point in your career where you feel you need a "step up"?

Are you returning to work after extended leave and feel you need help getting back on the corporate highway?

Do you have lots of skills but just don't know how to sell yourself?

Great story from one of our WiT Members on how our WiT Step Up Program helped her get motivated to make her dreams come true! READ MORE  

The WiT Step Up Program is a new professional development initiative.

WiT aims to assist women to develop their professional skills to enhance their performance at work and their career opportunities no matter what stage of their career.

The program consists of 4 Workshops targeted at different career levels  focusing on communication, leadership and management.

Workshop 1  Starting Up

Starting Up is for graduate to first career  - How to prepare for an interview, resume writing, recruitment avenues etc

Workshop 2  Stepping Up

Stepping Up is for those moving up in their career  - Contract negotiation and more....

Workshop 3  Stepping Back In

Stepping back in is for people returning to the workforce after extended leave, maternity leave, career break -  Taking charge of career, work life balance

Workshop 4  Stepping Out

Stepping Out is for those people who are retiring or looking at slowing down  - Tools to stay connected, volunteers opportunities, supporting other women and building new networks.

Check out our events page for updates on dates and time or for more information please email
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