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Canberra, Australia
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The Office of National Intelligence (ONI) is facing new and complex challenges in a rapidly evolving technology landscape. There are multiple and unique opportunities to join this dynamic environment. We have several roles at the Executive Level 1 classification across our Digital team.

Our vision is to harness technology and data for an intelligence advantage.

In these roles, you will have the opportunity to build your experience and understanding of how the National Intelligence Community (NIC) functions and gain insights into the missions of different agencies. You will build your professional network within the NIC and gain diverse experience that can enhance your career prospects and open new pathways for advancement. You will enjoy the opportunity to work in a leading agency in the NIC with a modern working environment and flexible working opportunities.

The Team
These roles are part of the ONI NIC Digital Modernisation team whose key objective is to drive the NIC towards a modern, secure, and agile digital enterprise. You will be leading the National Intelligence Community in adopting the use of modern technology to deliver business outcomes that will enhance the communities’ ability to protect and advance Australia’s interests.

The Roles
We have several roles at the Executive Level 1 classification across our Digital team, they are:

Assistant Director, NIC Digital Services

The Assistant Director, NIC Digital Services will lead a dedicated team responsible for shaping the future of the National Intelligence Community’s digital community services. This critical role will be the driving force behind ensuring the digital community services meet the ever-evolving needs of the NIC.

Assistant Director, NIC Digital Enablement

The Assistant Director, NIC Digital Enablement will lead a dynamic team supporting the National Intelligence Community through large-scale digital transformation initiatives. You will play a central role in empowering change, fostering collaboration, and ensuring the successful implementation of community wide initiatives.

Assistant Director, NIC Digital Engagement

The Assistant Director, NIC Digital Engagement will lead a team representing several agencies from the NIC, acting as a vital bridge between ONI and the digital needs of each agency. This essential role will engage with industry partners, cultivating and maintaining strong relationships to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies. You will play a critical role in fostering collaboration between agencies, industry partners, and ONI leadership.

Assistant Director, NIC Digital Operations and Governance

The Assistant Director, NIC Digital Operations and Governance will lead a dedicated team responsible for supporting a secure and efficient cloud transformation program for the National Intelligence Community. This pivotal role offers the opportunity to champion best practices in community governance and cloud operations, impacting agencies across the NIC.

Who are we looking for:
We are looking for candidates who are highly motivated, results driven and have a strong work ethic. You will have experience in leading and managing a team within an APS context or similar context.

Our ideal candidates thrive in dynamic settings, demonstrating their excellent problem-solving and analytical skills along with their keen eye for detail. They have excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to establish and maintain strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders, navigating diverse stakeholder groups and fostering collaboration.

Our ideal candidates will also have exceptional organisational skills, managing deadlines and meeting multiple competing demands while managing workloads and prioritising key deliverables. You will have strong written communication skills with a focus on clarity and conciseness and tailoring to target audience.

Please refer to the Candidate Information Kit for more information about the roles including
role specific responsibilities and key attributes, in addition to, how to apply and eligibility.

Applications close 11:30pm AEDT, Sunday 2 June 2024