Chemical and Bioprocess Engineer

Number 8 Bio
Macquarie University - School of Natural Sciences, North Ryde, Australia
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About the company 

Number 8 Bio is a venture-capital-backed start-up company with the potential to make a big climate impact. We work with farmers to provide solutions to agricultural sustainability while improving their productivity. Our first products are feed additives aimed at eliminating methane emissions from earth’s 2.6 billion cattle and sheep.

Methane is a greenhouse gas responsible for ~30% of climate change, and is both more potent and shorter lived than carbon dioxide. Eliminating man-made methane emissions is one of the fastest ways to combat climate change, while ensuring that we can sustainably support a population of 10 billion people by 2050 and beyond.

We’re a team of innovators based in Sydney with a passion for climate technology and synthetic biology. We offer a thriving intellectual environment, competitive remuneration, flexible work hours, and a chance to make a real difference.

About the role

We’re looking for an elite Chemical/Bioprocess Engineer with the ability to take novel processes from zero to one at both small and large scales using a combination of theoretical and practical know-how.

The bioprocess engineer will work in a team of two to operationalise a pilot plant, and alongside the Number 8 Bio scientists and business team to bring new products to life.


  • Optimise the production of different enteric methane mitigation feed additive formulations
  • Produce feed additives for cattle trials and customers
  • Take processes from bench to factory scale
  • Ensure pilot plant safety and compliance
  • Work with scientists to optimise and scale new products
  • Management of pilot plant logistics such as the procurement of input materials and equipment

Minimum Requirements 

  • Qualifications in chemical / bioprocess engineering
  • Experience with chemical and biological safety

Desired Skills/Experience

  • Early stage company experience or exposure
  • Proven ability to get any domain zero to one
  • Knowledge of fermentation and bioreactor design