Step Up Career Development

WiT’s Step Up Career Development Programs empowers you with the skills, knowledge, mindset and confidence you need to step up to the next level in your career.

Be part of an inclusive, inspiring learning community

Collaboration, connection and support are vital for your career development.  They are also the special ingredient that makes WiT a warm and welcoming community.

When you join a StepUp event or StepUp program, you’ll be learning alongside fellow STEMM professionals in a safe, supportive learning community.

We welcome women and champions of change at any stage of their career journey regardless of their job title, interests, life stage or location.

We lift each other up Stronger Together We are the Change

Our Step Up Career Development Program Streams

We know that your career is more than just a job that ‘pays the bills’ or ‘a means to an end’. That’s why our Step Up career development programs supports you to be curious and open to possibility by feeding your brain with evidence-based insights, tools, strategies and resources to create a sustainable, flexible and meaningful approach to progress or advance your career – regardless of where you are now and the future directions you seek to take as part your career journey.

Step Up into Leadership Program

“Leadership is not a journey to rise in the ranks. It is a journey to help those around us rise.”
Simon Sinek

Go on a journey of self-discovery to better understand how you behave, make decisions and relate to others in order to instigate the mindset and behavioural changes needed to develop key leadership skills, positively impact your individual success and create a human-centred culture to empower creativity, innovation and success in your team and organisation.

For just over a $1 per day, your 12-month online subscription to the WiT Step Up in Your Leadership Program allows you to attend live webinars and access a library of online tools, resources, learning circles and on-demand coaching-panels – anytime and anywhere.

Delivered by WiT and Leaders Lounge, our StepUp into Leadership Program is an online, interactive professional development program based on more than 30 years of research by international thought leader, Dr David Keane.

Who is the Step Up into Leadership Program for?

The program is best suited to professionals who are aspiring to move into leadership roles in the near future or have recently moved into a team leader or management position.

The program is also for people who are curious about the mindset and behaviours of effective leaders, and how applying these in your life can positively enhance your impact as a leader to empower increased creativity, innovation, productivity and harmony within your team and organisation.

Step up in Your Career Webinar Series

In this 10-part webinar series, you’ll learn how to apply practical strategies and techniques to tackle imposter syndrome, purposefully and effectively delegate key tasks to reclaim time in your day whilst empowering others, manage difficult interactions in the workplace, develop a customer focused mindset and so much more.

Upcoming webinars include:

You can choose to sign up to full the 10-part webinar series or only register for the individual webinar(s) you’d like to attend – the choice is yours.

WiT’s Step Up Development Programs are proudly sponsored by:


Unlock your career potential with WiT

As a not-for-profit, member-based organisation, WiT exists to empower women from all areas within science and technology to create a thriving, rewarding career.

We know that being part of a vibrant and supportive community – in and outside of work – is a key ingredient for creating a thriving career. So, in addition to our Step Up Career Development Series, we also offer other learning, development and networking opportunities including:

WiT Board Readiness™ Program

A flagship certificate course supported by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and leading corporate and industry partners. More than 200 women have graduated from the structured eight-week program which provides a comprehensive introduction to the skills and responsibilities of being a Director and how to secure a role on a Board.


WiT’s structured mentoring program is an exciting opportunity to explore your career challenges, dreams and aspirations with the support of professional facilitators and your own industry mentor. We provide development and support for both mentees and mentors so join up now and be part of this invigorating community of practice.


Our quarterly Connectworks events is a truly great way to make new connections, re-connect with your colleagues, share ideas, create new opportunities and enjoy a few laughs over drinks in a relaxed, welcoming environment.

Inspiring Women in STEM Breakfast Series

You’ll laugh, perhaps even cry … but most of all you are sure to be challenged, inspired and entertained as some of Australia’s leading female scientists, technologists, innovators and thought-leaders share their story about the highs and lows of life, their proudest professional achievements, the most important lessons learned as well as what it takes to forge a rewarding career in STEM.