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To me Information Technology is life!
It is freedom, a passion and a creative outlet.

I successfully managed and lead at high levels for many years but my passion for IT pulls me back to where I have at least part of my time with my hands firmly on the keyboard coding and playing with the technical toys.

My youngest daughter caught the IT bug (from me?) when she was young and started as a professional web developer at 16. Now at 18 her skill in an increasing number of areas supersedes my own and that is very exciting!

As the only girl in her high school IT classes she loved the work and involvement with her classmates. Her major complaint was that she stood out as the only white shirt in a sea of blue shirts due to the schools sexist uniform policy (don't get me started on that soap box..)

My work at Griffith (over a decade) has been wide and varied, and has brought me into regular contact with many core IT teams and movers and shakers from most of the business areas. It has also given me responsibility and access to play with many university software platforms from massive core systems (PeopleSoft, myGriffith, CRM, CMS, etc) through to some very small and innovative resources.

Outside my Griffith work day I do consulting and programming work to feed my passion for small business, entrepreneurship and marketing. What a wonderful space for WiT!!

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