Step Up Program

Are you at a point in your career where you feel you need a "step up"?

Are you returning to work after extended leave and feel you need help getting back on the corporate highway?

Do you have lots of skills but just don't know how to sell yourself?


Great story from one of our WiT Members on how our WiT Step Up Program helped her get motivated to make her dreams come true! READ MORE  

The WiT Step Up Program is a new professional development initiative.

WiT aims to assist women to further develop their professional skills to enhance their performance at work and their career opportunities.

The program consists of 3 half-day workshops focusing on communication, leadership and management.

Workshop 1  Speak Up With a Voice Coach

Underpinning the work will be the principles of clear speech and pleasant, unstrained vocal tone. Taming nerves, controlling vocal delivery, speaking persuasively and authoritatively.  We will explore some techniques of healthy voice production and learn some exercises for clarity. We'll also draw from the participants' real workplace speaking contexts.

It will be a practical workshop, so participants should come along expecting to move around (therefore wear comfortable clothes!), converse and present.


Workshop 2 Robust Negotiations, Difficult Conversations and Influencing People: How to have THAT conversation

The workshop will focus on:

  •       assertiveness in manner and communication in negotiation;
  •       removing gendered and other biases from the communication;
  •       knowing your strengths and weaknesses and communicating to your strengths;
  •       being authentic and flexible in the circumstances to achieve the desired outcome.

This workshop will be best suited to participants who are mature in their management and supervisory roles, or in roles requiring substantial negotiations skills.


Workshop 3 Time Management: Getting Stuff Done

WiT members reported work life balance as their biggest challenge when surveyed. This workshop to provide tools that can be easily implemented to assist in managing time and to ‘get stuff done’.

  •  Introduction into why we don’t get stuff done
  •  Start with your why. The link between your life values, purpose and goals and with taking targeted daily action
  •  The power in saying ‘No’ and how to do this effectively and confidently
  •  Procrastination kills productivity so how can you overcome it?
  •  Managing energy vs. managing time – how to make sure you are energised to manage a busy life

Outcomes  - increased self-awareness on what is stopping participants from ‘getting stuff done’ and tools such as a framework, 3-step model, app etc. that can be taken away and applied immediately to make a change in the lives of participants.


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